Work continues on the USS KearceCrafted

In the course of the past week, James has rebuilt the Treetop Loft’s front porch, a.k.a. the Upper Deck, which is now bigger and stronger than before.

James chose hog wire fencing panels for the railing, since they fit into our redneck cruise ship theme.

The Treetop Loft was built with a ship’s design in mind. There are custom built bookshelves, cubbies, nooks and crannies throughout the house. We have porches on the front and back, which serve as fore and aft upper decks.

In keeping with our redneck/cruise ship  theme, James decided to replace the wooden picket railing with hog wire fencing panels. They only cost $21.99 for a 16 ft. panel at Tractor Supply  and fit right in with our design. Tractor Supply is currently offering free UPS ship to store on all Tractor Supply Company orders, so order now.

Downstairs we have a 1,000 sq. ft. back patio (the Lido Deck) made of brick pavers, forming a cobblestone patchwork. However, there will be no photos of that until after the KearceCrafted Clean Up when we get the grass cut and the patio ready for the summer season. Maybe next week.

Yes, that’s still the scene in the front yard. Stay tuned next week for the KearceCrafted Clean Up! Click the photo to play Redneck Roulette with us at and win a KearceCrafted sun visor.

For now work continues on what James calls the “Stairway to Heaven.”

🙂 Tk