“We are in the business of what I affectionately call Redneck Renovation.”

James and Tammy Kearce.

At KearceCrafted, we refer to our rental properties as mobile “homes,”  not trailers. Although they are technically trailers, children who live there will remember the place with the huge sand pines in the yard and the storage shed where their parents hid the best Christmas presents.

And parents will remember the place with the great storage shed for hiding Christmas presents, the cozy nursery where they brought their baby home and the kitchen where they cooked their first holiday dinner.

They are homes. Not just any homes, they are KearceCrafted Homes.

Welcome to our website! We are James and Tammy Kearce, and we own and maintain a small fleet of rental properties in southeast Alabama and northwest Florida.

While we both enjoy home-improvement television, we live in the deep, rural South where mobile homes are the equivalent of metropolitan apartments. So, we are in the business of what I affectionately refer to as, “Redneck Renovation.” Our mobile homes range in age

James remodels all new additions to the fleet.

from 25-50 years old, and have aged quite well. So, we give them some much-needed TLC, renovation and design.


As a retired builder/contractor  and hard-surface flooring installer, James renovates all new additions to the KearceCrafted Rental Fleet and updates existing fleet members as needs arise.

Stay tuned as we tackle a new project, soon to be announced… Tkearce