This week James is applying his home-improvement skills to our very own Treetop Loft in DeFuniak Springs, Florida,  overlooking our 50-acre farm.

The Treetop Loft, at less than 600 sq. ft., is our very own tiny home, and we love it!

I use the term “farm” loosely, since we have no livestock and usually only a small garden. Most of the property is planted in pine trees, so it is (sort of) a tree farm, and we have a large population of animals who choose to live here with us.

There are some planted pine trees in the back of the property, so it is sort of a tree farm 🙂

We have deer, at least two turkeys (named Crispy and Thursday), quail, alligators, at least two hawks (named Comanche and Geronimo), three dogs and a host of other residents too numerous to count.

Unfortunately, the front porch of the Treetop Loft has recently succumbed to the elements, becoming unsafe and in much need of some Redneck Renovation. So, James demolished the original porch by cutting it loose from the house and deconstructing it piece by piece.

James deconstructed the whole porch piece by piece.

“Those guys who go in with sledge hammers and demolish everything aren’t working alone, 10 feet in the air and thinking about salvaging their materials,” he says, “But I am, so I’m careful.”

Yes, that’s the front yard! #RedneckReno! Play Redneck Roulette with us on our Facebook page. I’ve chosen a redneck accessory from the many in the front yard. Try to guess what it is and post it in a comment on our Facebook page. The first viewer to guess the mystery redneck accessory wins a KearceCrafted sun visor.

After two days of careful demolitions, all that remains are the stairs, leading to a 10 foot drop. Needless to say, we’re keeping the front door locked….

🙂 Tkearce