Tammy Kearce
General Manager and Creative Director

When I created KearceCrafted Communications in 1997, things were very different. I saved copy to a floppy disc and packaged it with 35 mm photos for delivery via terrestrial mail. We used email for back-up but, secretly, no one trusted it.

Both technology and KearceCom have changed dramatically over the last 20 years.

Initially I provided coastal, editorial content to newspapers, magazines and eventually television.

Emerald Coast Mag
Gulf Life Mag
Montgomery Liv. Mag






WJHG TV 03/15
WJHG TV 01/15
COX-TV 11/13

I have since discovered a love of web design and content marketing that led to the KearceCrafted Communications Network and FtPrint Media.

As creative director, I produce and deliver content for all print, electronic and verbal media. I also design and maintain a digital footprint including, but not limited to, website design and maintenance; social media account establishment, monitoring and maintenance.


Creative Director- KearceCrafted LLC
est. 1997




Creative Director- Ftprint Media
est. 2016


As editor, I produced content for print and electronic media, assigned projects, set deadlines, collected material, edited text, partnered text with artwork, clearly identified each element and either uploaded the content to a website or delivered to the printer as a package.

The Florida Sun. Pensacola FL. July 2000- August 2001 or
Publisher Joe Scarborough


Walton Life. Lifestyle Magazine
monthly supplement to DFS Herald/ BeachBreeze
November 2008-January 2011



Gulf Coast Editor.
Montgomery Living Magazine, currently River Region Living. September 2002- March 2008




Web Editor
Victual Communications Consulting Group July 2009- March 2011



As an adjunct professor, I taught communications and social science classes.

August 2001- May 2012. Northwest Florida State College Associate professor-COMM Arts




As communicator, I produced and delivered content for all print, electronic and verbal media, made television and other in-person appearances, designed and maintained the cooperative’s website, and social media accounts and oversaw board elections.

Cooperative communicator. Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative. Oct. 2013-Nov.2015.

 Full annotated resume available here.


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