“I supplement my outdoor decor with colorful, durable elements that brighten my day.”

Living in a small space means making the most of every square inch, so at KearceCrafted Farms we love our great outdoors.

Even if the lilies aren’t in bloom, this metal sunflower smiles up at me when I get home.

Here in northwest Florida, we spend most of our summer outside, and while I love pretty flowers, my green thumb sometimes goes dormant. So, I supplement my outdoor decor with colorful, durable elements that brighten my day. These pops of color and fun do not, thank goodness, need to be expensive. The copper-colored sunflower above, was a hand-me-down from my mother, and she probably bought it at Ace Hardware years ago. It wears its age well and is a cherished addition to my outdoor decor.

Tractor Supply, one of my favorite spots to shop, is currently offering free UPS ship to store on all Tractor Supply Company orders, so now is the time to order outdoor ornaments as well as seeds and bulbs.


This salvaged, broken boogie board makes a great tub tray table.

Believe it or not, someone abandoned this broken boogie board on Panama City Beach last year, so, of course, I salvaged it. What a perfect tray table for the redneck hot tub, a 100-year-old claw foot tub that we bought at T&W Flea Market and have cherished ever since.

I never throw away an old bedspread.

While this round chaise lounge has been with us for quite some time, it’s original upholstery was bland and boring, so I dressed it up with an old bedspread and throw pillows. Now it brightens my back deck and my day!

So, if you have beautiful flowers and a full-time green thumb, bravo. But if not, don’t be afraid to experiment with your own outdoor decor.

… 🙂 Tk


“We don’t want to make them shiny or chic. They have become a part of our life and our decor as they are. So, I’ve decided to call this style Rustic Renaissance. ” 

For years James and I have been collecting old things that we use for purposes other than what they were originally intended. Some become art while others take on a new life with new purpose. From old camera equipment to a bird bath rusted through, we find them beautiful as they are and use them to decorate KearceCrafted Farms.


During the past few weeks I’ve been trying to decide what that style of decor is called. We see it everywhere: restaurants, retail stores, television, photography… But it doesn’t seem to have a name.


Shabby chic is the closest style I can find, but even that dresses old items up with paint and accessories to make them “chic.”

We love these items when we find them and don’t want to reinvent them.

They have become a part of our life and our decor as they are. So, I’ve decided to call this style Rustic Renaissance . 

… 🙂 Tk


Work continues on the USS KearceCrafted

In the course of the past week, James has rebuilt the Treetop Loft’s front porch, a.k.a. the Upper Deck, which is now bigger and stronger than before.

James chose hog wire fencing panels for the railing, since they fit into our redneck cruise ship theme.

The Treetop Loft was built with a ship’s design in mind. There are custom built bookshelves, cubbies, nooks and crannies throughout the house. We have porches on the front and back, which serve as fore and aft upper decks.

In keeping with our redneck/cruise ship  theme, James decided to replace the wooden picket railing with hog wire fencing panels. They only cost $21.99 for a 16 ft. panel at Tractor Supply  and fit right in with our design. Tractor Supply is currently offering free UPS ship to store on all Tractor Supply Company orders, so order now.

Downstairs we have a 1,000 sq. ft. back patio (the Lido Deck) made of brick pavers, forming a cobblestone patchwork. However, there will be no photos of that until after the KearceCrafted Clean Up when we get the grass cut and the patio ready for the summer season. Maybe next week.

Yes, that’s still the scene in the front yard. Stay tuned next week for the KearceCrafted Clean Up! Click the photo to play Redneck Roulette with us at Facebook.com/kearcecrafted and win a KearceCrafted sun visor.

For now work continues on what James calls the “Stairway to Heaven.”

🙂 Tk


This week James is applying his home-improvement skills to our very own Treetop Loft in DeFuniak Springs, Florida,  overlooking our 50-acre farm.

The Treetop Loft, at less than 600 sq. ft., is our very own tiny home, and we love it!

I use the term “farm” loosely, since we have no livestock and usually only a small garden. Most of the property is planted in pine trees, so it is (sort of) a tree farm, and we have a large population of animals who choose to live here with us.

There are some planted pine trees in the back of the property, so it is sort of a tree farm 🙂

We have deer, at least two turkeys (named Crispy and Thursday), quail, alligators, at least two hawks (named Comanche and Geronimo), three dogs and a host of other residents too numerous to count.

Unfortunately, the front porch of the Treetop Loft has recently succumbed to the elements, becoming unsafe and in much need of some Redneck Renovation. So, James demolished the original porch by cutting it loose from the house and deconstructing it piece by piece.

James deconstructed the whole porch piece by piece.

“Those guys who go in with sledge hammers and demolish everything aren’t working alone, 10 feet in the air and thinking about salvaging their materials,” he says, “But I am, so I’m careful.”

Yes, that’s the front yard! #RedneckReno! Play Redneck Roulette with us on our Facebook page. I’ve chosen a redneck accessory from the many in the front yard. Try to guess what it is and post it in a comment on our Facebook page. The first viewer to guess the mystery redneck accessory wins a KearceCrafted sun visor.

After two days of careful demolitions, all that remains are the stairs, leading to a 10 foot drop. Needless to say, we’re keeping the front door locked….

🙂 Tkearce