We are James and Tammy Kearce.
Together we own and operate
KearceCrafted LLC.

Crossing the border on our Texas Roadtrip.

KearceCrafted businesses include: 

KearceCrafted Homes

James Kearce- Chief Operating Officer and Property Manager
Tammy Kearce- Communications Director and Financial Officer

As a former builder/contractor, James renovates all new additions to the KearceCrafted Rental Fleet and updates existing fleet members as needs arise.

James remodels all new additions to the fleet.

While we both enjoy home-improvement television, we live in the deep, rural South where mobile homes are the equivalent of metropolitan apartments. So, we are in the business of what I affectionately refer to as, “Redneck Renovation.

Our mobile homes range in age from 25-50 years old and have aged quite well. So, we give them some much-needed TLC, renovation and design.

KearceCrafted Communication
a.k.a. KearceCom

Tammy Kearce- General Manager and Creative Director
James Kearce- Technical Director and Logistics Coordinator

KearceCom has been bringing news of the Gulf Coast to the southeast for more than 20 years.

Emerald Coast Mag
Gulf Life Mag
Montgomery Liv. Mag






WJHG TV 03/15
WJHG TV 01/15
COX-TV 11/13

KearceCrafted Farms

Home Base. The name is a bit of a misnomer, since nothing at KearceCrafted Farms is domesticated nor cultivated.

James and I live here on the “faux farm,”

We call it a farm because we live in what was meant to be a barn. But this view got our attention. Now, it is the first thing we see in the mornings. We’ve spotted lots of wildlife as well.
Visit our blog for more about wildlife on the Faux Farm.

in the “barn that never was”

We liked the TreeTop Loft so much that we had to move. We left a 2,000 sq. ft.  home to downsize into 600 sq. ft. The upside is the TreeTop Loft has more than 1,800 sq. ft. of recreational space below, complete with a brick patterned floor and summer kitchen.

with the “hound dog that’s not.”

We call her The Hound Dog for reasons too complicated to go into here. We’ll save that for a future blog post. 

🙂 … Tk